Who is V.X Consulting


For over 20 years, V.X Founder Paul Chen has been helping companies:

  • Improve internal processes and cultures

  • Develop measurable performance metrics

  • Explore full market potential

  • Diversify product and service offerings

  • Make informed decisions before investing capital expenditures

Ultimately helping them grow their markets, reach their financial goals and grow brand value.

He has a broad array of experience encompassing the entire aviation industry value chain, from OEM, airline, MRO to business intelligence. Companies benefited range from Fortune/Global 500 corporations to start-up entrepreneurs, which include

  • United Airlines

  • Continental Airlines

  • Bombardier Aerospace

  • Gulfstream Aerospace

  • GE

  • Textron

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

  • AAR

  • UBM (United Business Media)

  • OAG (Official Airline Guide)

  • BACK Aviation

  • Aviation Week (McGraw-Hill; Penton Media)

  • masFlight

  • Global Eagle (formerly GEE)

  • AIDC

  • Other undisclosed client companies

As a holistic aviation Business Intelligence enthusiast and expert, he has developed many creative data use cases, which has helped companies optimize decision-making, diversify product and service offerings, improve efficiency and cultures, develop measurable performance metrics, and explore full market potential.

He holds a Master of Science with Honors in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Kansas, and a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Purdue University. He is Six Sigma qualified and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.