Not all native speakers are created equal. Just because you hire local translation agencies or copywriters doesn't necessarily mean your Chinese version would get the message across.

  • Are you concerned about potential cross-cultural marketing blunders?

  • Is the cleverness of copywriting in the source language preserved in the Chinese version?

  • Are you able to establish the emotional connection with the Chinese audience?

  • Do you hope to improve sales/marketing campaign open/click/conversion rates?

  • Do you hope to increase local Point-of-Sale share of revenue?

  • Are you inspired to set your brand apart from the competition?

We're here to help. Our proven literary excellence, enthusiasm and creativity in the Chinese language will ensure nothing's lost in translation and that you achieve the highest ROI:

  • Corporate branding

  • Marketing taglines

  • Product naming

  • Ad concepts

  • Sales campaigns

  • Your Chinese name

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